FO FiberOne – Expert in Fiber Optics Installation

Who We Are. FiberOne in a Few Words

FO FiberOne is a company with wholly Romanian capital, founded in 2012. At present, FiberOne stands out on the telecommunications market in Bucharest and over the country as an important provider of fiber optics installation services. The expertise of our specialists speaks a lot about the company, together with attractive offers and advantageous services packs for any client.

Brief Story of the Company

We started with a project of fiber optics installation in Bucharest. The trigger was a mere idea. We began with an idea of developing internet (telecommunications) services. We were up to clients’ expectations. The project expanded from fiber optics installation in Bucharest to adjacent areas (Ilfov, Giurgiu, Dâmbovița, Prahova), and then throughout the entire country.

As the company developed, we invested in qualified staff and equipment that allowed us to provide high-quality services to our clients.

Within several years, we became an important provider of optical fiber installation services, for well-known companies in the telecommunications field.

FiberOne: Mission and Vision

Our mission is to permanently create and develop chances of improvement in the work environment. We are determined to facilitate access to the internet by simple and efficient methods, both for companies and for households. We try to achieve this all over the country. Access to knowledge leads to a better life to be lived, a life which is richer in information sources and research resources.

What motivates us to reach these goals is our belief in all people deserving quick and constant access to information and knowledge. Our company creates the adequate environment for building a community permanently and positively driven towards common welfare.

Values We Believe in 

Progress, performance, passion.

With every new project, we are building every day. We are building Fiber To The Home networks, as well as partnerships with our clients, and the road to high performance. High quality services tie us together and make us work with passion.