• SC UPC Romania SRL

Together with UPC Romania, we managed to maintain high-quality standards in the telecommunications field. We are honoured to collaborate with UPC Romania, leader in technology innovations. The initiative to launch high-speed internet, Fiber Power 500 Mbps, turned to reality and became the foundation of the partnership between FiberOne and UPC Romania.

• SC Netcity Telecom SA

Our client Netcity stood out on the telecommunications services market by developing the underground fiber optics network, in Bucharest. Together, we took up the challenge and developed activities within an innovative project. The common goals, of observing European policies of socio-economic development, drove us down the path of a successful cooperation.

• SC Digital Cable System SA

FiberOne had the occasion to expand its activity, in cooperation with Digital Cable System (Akta). By flexible and easily adaptable offers, Fiberone and Digital Cable System could implement an audacious project. We did that together, within a dynamic environment which is full of challenges.

• Telekom

As a leading player on the telecommunications market in Romania, Telekom became a valuable client to Fiberone. The collaboration between the two companies proved to be enriching over time. It proved to last. Fiberone has always made available optimal resources to its client Telekom, in order to bring projects to a close.

• SC Telelink Services Romania SRL

We share similar values with Telelink Services Romania. We focused on results, and we proved creativity and flexibility in designing our offers. As a consequence, Telelink became an important client of FiberOne. Personal integrity and professional excellence guarantee a successful collaboration for the future, between the two partners.

• SC Acovan Grup SRL

Acovan Grup is also a client of FiberOne. The company has activities in telecommunications through optical cable networks, being an important partner of FiberOne. We added them on the list of collaborators that accompanied us down a challenging, dynamic and ever-changing development path.

• SC My Network SRL

My Network has been active on the telecommunications market since 2013. The company became one of FiberOne's important partners. Having their name on this list is a real honor to us.

There are many other clients that can be added to the list, and we thank them all for their trust!