Telecommunications Services, Provided by FiberOne

Important Provider of Optical Fiber Installation Services

We are an important provider of sites surveys, fiber optics installation and service, both for residential and business clients. We ensure services of building, development and maintenance of national and regional telecommunications networks, in partnership with various companies. For the accomplishment of all projects, we use leading edge equipment and widely recognized experts. We can provide additional services in the telecommunications area, based on prior negotiations with the client.

We Build Telecommunications Networks, in Bucharest and Over the Country

We help to install internet, home phone and TV services both to corporate and residential locations. We use both the optical data transmission infrastructure (FO) and radio frequency (RF).

We provide maintenance and service for telecommunications networks, both in Bucharest and over the country:

Performed Operations, for Telecommunications Services

Interventions and Maintenance for Optical Fiber and Copper Networks

FIBERONE can provide diagnostic services regarding operations, service and maintenance for optical fiber and copper networks. The experience we have guarantees high-quality and prompt intervention in case of failures in your communications network. On a contract basis, we can provide networks maintenance services that include periodic inspections and tracking of the optimal network operation. We provide interventions both for networks we have to maintain and for any other fiber networks.

We provide interventions for networks which we have of maintenance and for any other fiber networks.

Performed operations:

Partnership Projects Providing Qualified Personnel - Technicians for Optical Fiber and Copper Junction

Based on the contracts with our partners, we can participate in their projects with qualified personnel who possess the following skills, abilities, knowledge and expertise:

The available personnel performs the necessary operations for installing and servicing optical networks: welding and splicing fiber cables, installation and maintenance of remote power sources, cables and equipments, in compliance with specific technical projects and installation instructions:

  1. They enable operations for maintenance, optimization and extension of optical fiber networks.
  2. They ensure maintenance of the optical fiber network; they perform preventive checks of optimal operating parameters through specific control, measurement and diagnostics of network operations.
  3. They execute and update the development plans for the fiber-optic network.
  4. They provide support for the normal development of the distribution network for fiber optic data services/Internet B2B (survey sites, service, and development of infrastructure network to cover new areas).